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NetSuite Support

NetSuite has facilitated thousands of companies worldwide to switch to a single, fully integrated ERP solution that automates critical business processes, maximizes productivity, and provides complete visibility into organizational performance.

However, as your business grows, your NetSuite solution needs to scale alongside your business, and you will require support to make that happen.

To scale your NetSuite platform, add advanced NetSuite modules, and optimize your solution while focusing on your business goals, you need proper product expertise and NetSuite support services. This is where NetSuite’s SuiteSupport offering comes in!

SuiteSupport: A Full Suite Of Activation And Advanced Support Services

SuiteSupport provides the technical support you need to maintain your NetSuite solution. Its offerings range from Basic to Premium to Advanced Customer Support (ACS). Each support tier provides unique service capabilities, from 24/7 phone support to online case submissions that help minimize the gap between your existing solution and a well-optimized NetSuite Solution.

NetSuite Support Services are designed for customers who need a designated solution to manage their functional, technical, and performance needs, along with a Success Manager who can mitigate risks, accelerate ROI, and align their business goals.

No matter what NetSuite product edition you have, NetSuite SuiteSupport has you covered in sustaining, maintaining, and optimizing your solution.

Let’s briefly look at what each NetSuite Support category offers:

Basic Support

All customers with a NetSuite subscription are also provided with NetSuite’s Basic Support package. This includes:

  • Addressing critical concerns and providing 24/7 Support access
  • Access to NetSuite’s knowledge center, NetSuite’s SuiteAnswers, which provides online support for defects and concerns
  • Access to NetSuite’s online community: NetSuite Support User Group

Premium Support

This NetSuite Support Service offers the best-in-class benefits and services designed to help you make the most of your NetSuite applications.

NetSuite’s Premium Support services are available 24/7. It further includes:

  • A toll-free technical center that customers can reach out to for non-critical issues
  • Weekend coverage
  • Priority queuing
  • Notifications of new releases
  • Assistance with NetSuite configurations

Advanced Customer Support (ACS)

NetSuite’s ACS subscription takes companies from reactive to a proactive approach to error resolution by providing hands-on product guidance, optimization assistance, and all the configuration and technical support a NetSuite user could ever need. Customers can unlock the true potential of their NetSuite solution by leveraging ACS for NetSuite-related services.

As a leading NetSuite solutions provider, the NetSuite experts at Ravenstone Solutions can maximize the value of your ERP implementations and make your business more efficient and cost-effective. Get in touch with our team today.

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