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NetSuite Social Ventures & Nonprofits

Whether nonprofit organizations provide international outreach to empower global causes or help the local community, there’s one thing they have in common: they face tremendous operational challenges. Nonprofits often lack proper management tools that are purpose-built to meet their needs and instead run their operations on disparate applications. Ultimately, this hinders their operational efficiency and undermines their ability to make a meaningful social impact. This is where NetSuite’s unified business management solution comes in!

NetSuite for nonprofits allows nonprofit organizations to manage end-to-end operations with a powerful and flexible solution that integrates accounting, fundraising, CRM, ERP, e-commerce, inventory management, and more.

In the face of limited resources, tight budgets, and rising demands, nonprofits need a robust solution to maximize their resources for long-term survival. This includes strengthening connections with donors, soliciting new supporters, efficiently assigning volunteers, and planning projects that can generate additional income. NetSuite, the #1 cloud ERP solution, provides solutions for all these challenges and more.

NetSuite Expands Commitment To Nonprofits

Intending to empower nonprofit organizations to focus their time and resources on accelerating their mission, NetSuite introduced a Social Impact Program in 2006. Since then, NetSuite has helped over 1,500 nonprofits change the world and has donated over $100 million in software.

NetSuite Expands Social Impact Program

NetSuite’s Pro Bono program donated software to over 300 new global nonprofits, helping them use technology to solve some of the world’s most critical problems.

In its mission to create lasting social impact for nonprofit organizations, NetSuite has made investments in its Social Impact program. It focuses on three main areas:

Suite Donation: NetSuite’s Suite Donation program gives nonprofits, and social enterprises access to no-cost activation of Nonprofit SuiteSuccess. This allows nonprofits to implement new business systems in the cloud, thereby effectively manage their back-office procedures, client-facing operations, and financials with complete visibility.

Being a leading NetSuite solutions provider, our team has years of experience working with nonprofits to help them make the most of their NetSuite solution.

Suite Pro Bono: The Suite Pro Bono program gives nonprofits access to the professional assistance of NetSuite experts. As part of the program, NetSuite employees have contributed over 6,000 hours in providing executive coaching to nonprofits in a variety of areas ranging from financial management to marketing.

Suite Capacity: NetSuite has built an online community and knowledge center called Suite Capacity to guide nonprofit organizations on leading practices and how best to leverage NetSuite for their business operations.

NetSuite Aims To Create A Lasting Impact For Social Good

NetSuite for nonprofits has helped organizations streamline global operations through the power of technology.

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