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NetSuite Licensing

As a world-leading provider of cloud-based unified business management software, NetSuite has helped thousands of companies worldwide manage core business processes with a fully integrated system with diverse functionalities.

From financials, ERP, CRM, and e-commerce, to Professional Services Automation, and inventory management, NetSuite has a broad range of solutions designed for a modern company. It’s easy to use, fast to deploy, and flexible and robust enough to meet your unique business challenges and scale with your business.

Netsuite Pricing Options

Since NetSuite is designed to support a multitude of business and industry models, the breadth of the platform creates several pricing options designed to make the software affordable for every business size, ranging from start-ups to global manufacturers.

Being a leading NetSuite Solutions provider, the NetSuite experts at Ravenstone Solutions can help you understand the various pricing options and guide you through the NetSuite licensing costs.

Various factors such as industry vertical and complexity, number of user licenses, add-on modules required, contract duration, and configuration, and customization needs, dictate your NetSuite licensing costs.

NetSuite licenses operate on a subscription-based model and may be renewed every year or over longer durations.

Additionally, there are several pre-bundled vertical editions and versions of NetSuite that can be added to the system.

A minimum NetSuite purchase requires you to buy a base account and at least one user login.

NetSuite Industry Packages

NetSuite offers a wide range of industry packages that include core NetSuite functionality and add-on modules relevant to each industry. Let’s look at some standard packages:

  • Retailer Edition
  • Manufacturing Edition
  • Software Edition
  • Wholesale Distributor Edition
  • Professional Services Edition
  • Retail Omnichannel Edition

You can get in touch with our NetSuite licensing experts to find out what each industry package entails.

Types Of NetSuite Licences Tiers

Now that we’ve discussed the basic industry packages, let’s look at the NetSuite licensing tiers that businesses can choose from depending on their budgets, size, and requirements.

Small Business Edition: This is provisioned for companies that require single user access.

Limited Edition: This is designed for companies with less than ten named users in NetSuite. It supports only one legal entity.

Mid-Market Edition: This license provides more than 10 to 1000 NetSuite users and supports two or more legal entities.

Enterprise Edition: This license is designed for over 1000 users and includes ERP and CRM functionalities.

Get A NetSuite License Today!

To get a solid understanding of NetSuite Licensing costs, we recommend you get an estimate from a NetSuite solution provider like Ravenstone Solutions. Our NetSuite consultants help first-time ERP buyers evaluate whether NetSuite is right for them, offer insights into the purchasing process, and propose a combination of NetSuite offerings that can best meet your organization’s goals.

Get in touch with our NetSuite Partners today to learn more about how NetSuite licensing works.

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