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NetSuite for Software & Tech Companies

NetSuite’s cloud ERP is the top choice for companies that need a robust back office system to unlock and manage their business growth. NetSuite for high-tech companies provides a scalable foundation that allows businesses to increase efficiencies and accelerate productivity and revenue.

NetSuite uniquely understands and addresses the challenges of modern software companies, which is why over 1200 software firms trust NetSuite for their mission-critical business processes. In fact, NetSuite’s track record as an efficient business application for hyper-growth tech companies is unbeaten!

How Netsuite Enables Software, Cloud And Internet Companies Improve Operational Efficiencies

Here’s how start-ups, midsize, and enterprise software providers can benefit from NetSuite’s purpose-built award-winning solutions.

Streamline Business Operations

With growth comes increased complexity. You require a platform that can handle complex business processes, like forecasting, revenue recognition, procurement, and recurring revenue streams. Existing systems start becoming obsolete, and you’re tempted to augment standalone applications—however, these ad-hoc business applications can drastically hinder productivity. This is where NetSuite for high-tech companies comes in!

NetSuite is an all-encompassing platform with CRM, ERP, and e-commerce capabilities. It’s a cost-effective solution that integrates with best-of-breed cloud applications to boost productivity and reduce the burden on IT. Cloud and internet companies can leverage NetSuite’s SuiteCloud platform to configure and customize their NetSuite account to meet unique business needs.

Scale For Rapid Development

NetSuite provides software companies with the foundation they need to eliminate disparate systems and costly manual processes. The platform facilitates small, privately held companies to grow and evolve into publicly held global organizations. NetSuite OneWorld allows multinational, multi-subsidiary organizations seamlessly to manage tax rules, currencies, and reporting requirements, both locally and globally.

What’s more, with NetSuite, business owners have access to key business metrics on-the-go. Our NetSuite experts can help you set up real-time dashboards, alerts, and analytics through mobile-optimized solutions.

Accelerate Financial Close

NetSuite gives software companies all the tools necessary to manage revenue recognition and financial reporting. It combines strong compliance management with rich accounting functionality in a single financial system, eliminating the need for manual reconciliations and spreadsheets as your company expands.

With a comprehensive global accounting and financial core, NetSuite provides unprecedented visibility into project profitability, allowing you to make informed business decisions in real-time.

Forward-looking tech companies can get in touch with one of the leading NetSuite solutions providers, Ravenstone Solutions, to leapfrog the competition and future-proof their infrastructure investments. Contact our team today!

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