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NetSuite Data Migration Services

If you’re working with disparate systems and have decided to move your operations to NetSuite for improved business operations and visibility, a formal migration procedure needs to occur. The process of ERP data migration can be complex and disruptive to an organization.

Migrating data into NetSuite is a complicated and risky task that professionals must handle to ensure that the Go-Live of your NetSuite ERP is a success. It’s also important to know what to migrate and what not to migrate.

With Ravenstone Solutions as your NetSuite Implementation Partner, you can consult with experts to develop a tailored data migration strategy that complies with your organizational considerations. Our data migration team has years of experience in delivering end-to-end NetSuite data migrations for customers in wholesale distribution, software, and high-tech industries.

The Data Migration Process

Migration to NetSuite isn’t a straightforward task. Here are some practices that help ensure your NetSuite data migration process runs as smoothly as possible:

Identify Data To Be Migrated

NetSuite data mapping is a delicate process that depends on the kind of business you’re operating. This includes importing data such as customer records and accounting transactions in a CSV file. Our NetSuite experts make sure the source data is complete and accurate before moving forward with CSV Imports.

Of course, you can also utilize other data migration tools like Web Services, ODBCs, and third-party tools for data conversion and migration.

Preparing For Import With Data Clean-Up

NetSuite data migrations require you to extract data from your legacy system. Your legacy data needs to be scrubbed, cleaned, de-duplicated, and adequately formatted as needed.

Obsolete data and complex historical information is removed, fields are cross-checked, and finally, additional information is keyed in to match the data points in your NetSuite system.

Carry Out Small Data Tests

Once the data is uploaded in the system, our team carries out small data tests before a full migration. This is done to catch potential problems before a large scale migration makes these issues less manageable.

After migrating data into NetSuite, our team cross-checks the data for accuracy issues and ensures proper linkages between transactions.

Ensure Successful Migration To Netsuite With Ravenstone Solutions

Our NetSuite data conversion and migration experts have the right mix of system expertise, domain knowledge, and technical skills to ensure your NetSuite migration process is a success.

Get in touch with our team to find out more about how we can help you optimize and maintain your NetSuite system.

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