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NetSuite Online Commerce & Retailers

In today’s changing e-commerce landscape, what differentiates you from your competitors is your order fulfillment excellence. Are you able to meet customer expectations for omnichannel fulfillment while boosting profitability and sales?

With NetSuite’s order management capabilities, streamline order processing by preventing errors, eliminating bottlenecks, and establishing a seamless workflow starting from sales quote to order fulfillment. NetSuite Cloud solutions allow you to remain in control of rapidly changing markets and customer demands by implementing control points within order processes, enabling you to scale your business effectively.

Automate your order promising, orchestration, allocation, and execution processes using NetSuite order fulfillment, and choose how you wish to fulfill orders based on your business rules and global inventory availability. NetSuite allows you to deliver the perfect order every single time!

Key aspects of NetSuite order management

Complete inventory visibility

The NetSuite order management feature provides a single source of truth for warehouses, inventory, and drop-ship locations. Manage inventory across all channels and deliver accurately by linking commerce to your supply chain.

NetSuite gives you the capabilities of robust inventory planning, replenishment and warehouse management across all locations.

Order orchestration

Manage end-to-end order lifecycle with NetSuite order management features. This includes order capture and validation, shipment confirmation, order release, and customer communications.

NetSuite also supports complex processes like Dropship, split shipments, continuity programs, personalized products, and digital fulfillment.

Fulfillment excellence

NetSuite’s order fulfillment capabilities allow you to use the advanced pick, pack, and ship features. It provides you with the platform to seamlessly manage and assemble personalized make-to-order requirements.

What’s more, NetSuite’s order marketing features support digital fulfillment processes, enabling integration with service providers of your choice.

NetSuite’s quote to cash process allows you to combine rich functionality with flexible screen design in order to present data to customers and users in a relevant and unique way. With NetSuite Cloud solutions, rest assured that any gaps are covered.

So, if you are looking to improve your retail business with a multi-channel, multi-location cloud platform, get in touch with our NetSuite consultants today!

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