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Everything You Need To Know About NetSuite PSA

As the name suggests, Professional Services Automation (PSA) is software designed for companies in the services industry to address daily business processes and streamline resource and project management. PSA software is standard in organizations with billable staff concerning rate management, and time and expenses. A right PSA solution allows businesses to create metrics and quantify […]

A worker in an engineer to order factory

How NetSuite Is the Next Generation Solution for Engineer to Order Businesses

With new businesses entering the market frequently, customers today have infinite options to choose from. What used to be a noteworthy USP a few years ago can no longer help you be the market leader on its own. Due to the fierce competition, businesses are becoming increasingly replaceable with each passing year.

Inventory of a company that uses NetSuite for inventory management purposes

Fishbowl Inventory vs. NetSuite: Who’s The 2020 Winner?

Inventory management is one of the most challenging issues for all sorts of businesses. It allows you to make better decisions, control operations’ costs, and close sales in confidence. This is why companies need to invest in smart inventory management solutions like Fishbowl Inventory and NetSuite.

A medical specialist’s stethoscope and laptop to access NetSuite

How NetSuite Can Help Streamline the Medical Product Supply Chain

Owing to the complex and changing landscape of the healthcare industry, hospitals need to make quicker business decisions. Healthcare businesses deal with mounting pressure to respond to market changes, comply with patient requirements, and keep up with government regulations. NetSuite’s Healthcare Management Software enables hospitals and pharma businesses to streamline their supply chain systems.

An Employee User generating company data to export to NetSuite

Different Types of NetSuite Users

According to Forbes, when clients are asked to name their top-choice, cloud-based ERP solution, NetSuite is one of the first names to cross their minds. NetSuite offers holistic integration of sales, product, delivery, and other financial aspects of doing business. It changes the way you work as a company and delivers your services.

A NetSuite trainer explaining the concept of Sandbox accounts to the team.

NetSuite Sandbox 101

The term ‘sandbox’ refers to an isolated testing environment. Users can run and execute files on a sandbox without affecting the original system or application. In software development, running programs on a sandbox is a standard practice that helps companies prevent business disruptions.

A restaurant franchise that uses NetSuite Franchisor

Features of NetSuite’s Franchisor Add-On Module

The restaurant industry is categorized by high-market noise and low margins! In the middle of all the cut-throat, fierce competition, a cloud-based ERP is a surefire recipe for success. Not only does it allows restaurant chains to work better, but also it helps them improve their business agility. When NetSuite handles your franchise operations, you […]

A NetSuite trainer explaining the concept of custom segments to the team.

How to Maximize NetSuite’s Reporting Abilities with Custom Segments

Before 2015, NetSuite only offered three standard segments of department, class, and location. In 2015, the software was upgraded to the concept of custom segments. This means that the users can now post transactions to more than three standard components and create multi-ended, consolidated financial reports. Many users referred to this as ‘slicing and dicing’ […]

Employees using NetSuite software at the workplace.

How NetSuite Professional Services Can Improve Project Profitability

One of the leading trends in project management and productivity improvement is implementing and integrating software for a host of different organizational processes. Software systems are used to achieve a variety of business goals for both individuals as well as teams.

Business meeting with people discussing data appearing on a laptop, tablet and a physical report.

4 Excellent NetSuite Integrations for All Your Business Needs

NetSuite is probably one of the most customizable cloud computing software providers out there. Since its inception, the company has invested in remote business technology, which is why its range of applications is one of the most extensive ones.

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