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Why You Need to Connect Back-Office Systems With E-Commerce Now

Managing an online store

The retail industry has seen many changes since its inception in the 1800s. However, markets are evolving faster than ever these days—and retailers need to adapt to this change and scale at the right time, or they risk losing out.

COVID-19 has left a lasting impact on the retail industry, making it more challenging for small businesses to survive.

With this in mind, it becomes critical for small and large businesses to have the right business management solution. With a NetSuite solution provider on board, companies can adequately leverage opportunities and remain flexible enough to manage uncertainty.

Let’s take a look at the top three reasons why retail startups need to integrate back-office systems with their e-commerce platform using NetSuite:

1. Eliminate repetitive manual tasks

Many startups still rely on manual tasks for routine finance and accounting processes, which slows the company down severely. For instance, generating purchase orders in a word processor manually and calculating a total amount due using spreadsheets are glacial tasks that can be automated.

By standardizing and automating work, you reduce the chances of human error and increase efficiency. Your employees can then focus on value-generating activities, such as selling better products and engaging meaningfully with customers on social media.

Moreover, with the order fulfillment process automated, the accounting reconciliation process becomes simple, allowing for faster and more accurate reporting.

2. Real-time information

NetSuite is an excellent solution for growing startups, as it can provide real-time information and reliable business insights, helping the company grow faster. Using this information, you can determine which goals the company achieved and set new targets for the future.

Business owners have a 360-degree view of the business at all times. Moreover, since NetSuite operates in the cloud, all changes are registered in real-time, allowing managers to determine exactly how the business is doing.

Faster Order Fulfillment


3. Enhanced customer service

With a large chunk of your back-office systems automated, employees are no longer bogged down by manual, repetitive tasks, ensuring higher productivity. Consequently, they have more time to focus on improving customer service, which gives your firm an edge over competitors.

Finally, with the order fulfillment process automated, you can expect to complete orders faster and with greater accuracy, which adds to your customer service points.

NetSuite for Startups in the Retail Industry

To get the most out of your investment and develop a satisfied customer base, you need to integrate back-office operations with e-commerce operations seamlessly. NetSuite is a scalable solution that grows with your company.

With excellent module add-ons and compatibility with third-party applications, NetSuite can be tailored to fit your needs.

Implementing NetSuite and choosing the right customizations can be confusing—and that’s where we come in! At Ravenstone Solutions, we excel at helping firms take advantage of NetSuite’s full capabilities by recommending and implementing modules and customizations that best meet your company’s needs.

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