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Streamline Business Operations with NetSuite Professional Services Automation

NetSuite Professional Services Automation

NetSuite Professional Services Automation (PSA) is a part of the NetSuite Services Resource Planning solution that helps track, plan, and execute projects accurately. As a complete integrated solution, it improves resource utilization, accelerates on-time project deliveries, streamlines billing and invoices, and not to mention, drives profitability.

PSA is especially beneficial for businesses that have a billable staff and need to develop metrics for core processes and rate management. This is why NetSuite PSA includes Resource Management, Project Management, Expense Management, Accounting, Timesheet, and Analytics, all integrated into a single solution.

How to Grow Your Business with NetSuite PSA

NetSuite’s leading Professional Services Automation offering is designed to serve the demands of growing services delivery businesses by providing deep industry knowledge, complete customization, and advanced front-office and back-office functionalities.

NetSuite’s expanded capabilities and powerful configurability in project financials, project management, and billing and invoicing are what make it easy to implement and maintain.

Manage Bid-to-Bill processes with a single suite today!

NetSuite PSA is Designed to Scale

As one of the only leading vendors in the PSA market that offers multiple PSA solutions, NetSuite PSA allows service businesses to scale and meet growing requirements on a native cloud platform.

Let’s look at the PSA options that it offers:

OpenAir PSA

This is a Best-of-Breed PSA solution that comes with the functionality of connecting with CRM and back-office systems to deliver enterprise-grade capabilities. NetSuite OpenAir PSA is ideal for organizations that need to integrate existing systems with a PSA.

NetSuite Services Resource Planning (SRP)

Organizations looking for ERP systems with extended PSA capabilities can benefit from NetSuite SRP that offers CRM, Financials, and PSA, all rolled into a single platform.

NetSuite ERP+ OpenAir

For businesses looking for a Best-of-Breed PSA solution with the hybrid functionality of an ERP platform, this fully integrated PSA option offers the best of both worlds!

NetSuite Professional Services Automation1

Elevate Your Services Delivery Business Today!

Apart from offering a combination of PSA solutions to its diverse customer base, let’s look at some more capabilities that NetSuite offers:

  • Manages and automates key processes throughout the bid-to-bill lifecycle, allowing businesses to stay competitive, deliver quality services, gain efficiency, and ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Offers on-the-go services with access to real-time business information and dedicated features for better collaboration across the organization.
  • Offers complete real-time visibility from individual project levels to corporate and subsidiaries, along with the ability to make insightful, tactical decisions.

So for service delivery organizations that require control and visibility over unified billing and revenue streams, reach out to the NetSuite team at Ravenstone Solutions. We can implement and customize your success based on your unique business needs with NetSuite professional services.

Get in touch with our NetSuite Implementation partners at 1-800-459-7128 for more information.

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