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NetSuite Modules 101: A Brief Overview

NetSuite Modules

One of the best parts of implementing NetSuite as your ERP business solution is that it gives you the ability to add modules based on your business needs, goals, and processes. For instance, you can add a Project Management module at any point during the subscription, customize the module to fit your business requirements, and then start using it right away. 

Since NetSuite is a modular system, you only need to pay for the parts of the systems that you use. 

NetSuite’s highly-customizable add on modules—beyond its CRM and ERP functionality—empowers your business to streamline operational efficiency and enables you to spend more time on value-added, productive work.  

NetSuite Add-On Modules:

Let’s look at a brief overview of some of the many modules that NetSuite has to offer. Of course, if you want more information on what modules are available for you to leverage, we recommend getting it touch with a good NetSuite consulting partners. The right partner not only answers your questions but also gives you an idea of the offerings and customizations that you can do to make the most of your NetSuite solution.   

NetSuite Advanced Inventory

NetSuite Advanced Inventory module offers a broad range of capabilities that can help you optimize inventory availability and levels.  

Complete control over the inventory lifecycle—across multiple locations—enables you to keep inventory costs low while meeting delivery expectations and demands. 

NetSuite Demand Planning

Supporting product-based businesses, NetSuite’s native Demand Planning module allows managers to predict the required inventory based on sales forecasts and historical demands. 

The Demand Planning modules offers the right balance of ease-of-use and powerful functionality needed to manage inventory levels more efficiently. 

NetSuite Modules 2

Netsuite OneWorld

NetSuite OneWorld is a unified global business management solution that enables enterprises to manage multi-company and multinational operations. It offers real-time access and availability at a local, regional and global level. 

The NetSuite OneWorld module not only supports consistent processes across countries, but it also supports global compliance of external and internal processes. 

NetSuite Warehouse Management System (WMS)

NetSuite WMS is specially designed from manufacturers, distributors, and retailers to manage to manufacture, picking and inventory processes, quickly, accurately, and with minimal additional setup.  

The module comes with industry-leading features, like mobile RF barcode scanning, space management, wave planning, cartonization, and more that improve operational excellence. 

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