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NetSuite Integrations That Can Maximize Business Performance

NetSuite Integrations

While NetSuite is the ultimate cloud ERP solution that helps you run your organization using a unified system, enterprises can further expand their operations by integrating NetSuite with other platforms.

Businesses often install various disparate applications at different points in time for short-term revenue goals, but these applications eventually result in software integration challenges and process inefficiencies. The best part about NetSuite is that when you integrate your existing system with NetSuite, it takes care of the manual work for you.

By integrating with NetSuite you can:

  • Automate the flow of data between departments
  • Streamline communication across different business tools/systems
  • Gain real-time insights with NetSuite dashboards
  • Identify, analyze, and act on business opportunities, strengths, and weaknesses

In this blog post, we’ll look at some NetSuite integrations that can maximize performance and profitability:


Many companies use the CRM system Salesforce to manage their marketing, sales, and customer information. Although a widely popular CRM system, Salesforce lacks ERP capabilities, HR core processes, finance and accounting, and other functionalities that NetSuite ERP offers.

So, what do you do? Integrate NetSuite with Salesforce to get the best of both worlds! This integration will allow you to keep track of your marketing and customer information through the NetSuite instance and dashboard, further allowing you to assign leads, get a clear picture of your financials, and even automate Salesforce leads into NetSuite accounting.

By integrating NetSuite with CRM, you can optimize efficiency across departments and streamline operations.

Pro tip: you can avoid the integration route entirely by opting for NetSuite’s own CRM offering called NetSuite CRM+. It includes everything from marketing automation and sales force automation (SFA) to customer support, all in an integrated CRM solution.

NetSuite Integrations 2


Shopify is a front-end software widely used by e-commerce businesses. It allows businesses to use their shopping cart solution for selling, managing, and shipping products on an e-commerce site.

However, Shopify needs a back-end system, like NetSuite, to gain better visibility into order-to-cash processes, inventory management, and customer management like managing credit card information, shipping, and billing details.

Integrating NetSuite with Shopify can simplify user experience and enable you to keep track of KPIs with a cloud-based platform. NetSuite also comes with its own e-commerce offering, SuiteCommerce, which allows you to maintain a seamless omnichannel experience and meet growing customer standards.

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