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Leveraging Built-In BI with NetSuite SuiteAnalytics

NetSuite SuiteAnalytics

NetSuite has long been a leader in providing embedded analytics, and it has now come out with SuiteAnalytics that allows business owners to drive actionable analysis into company performance in real-time.

SuiteAnalytics is a built-in reporting and analytics tool developed with customer-focused design and a user-friendly orientation. Built-in real-time dashboards are integrated right into the ERP solution, while its e-commerce and CRM applications offer true operational insights.

SuiteAnalytics’ built-in business intelligence (BI) provides reporting and analysis across all integrated processes within the suite. Business owners can use real-time visibility to identify trends, issues, and opportunities, and promptly drill down to the underlying transactions in order to take action.

Benefit From Easy-To-Use Reporting Tools

When you embed SuiteAnalytics with NetSuite without any additional cost, you save yourself from investing time, money, dedicated IT personnel, and developmental budget in implementing a separate third-party system.

Since SuiteAnalytics is a built-in solution, data integration, and data visualization with charts and graphs can easily be done on the dashboard with minimal training. Users can benefit from this self-served personalized experience of using easy-to-use reporting tools for complete visibility without help from technical resources.

Best-in-Class Analytics

SuiteAnalytics provides dashboard accessibility to its non-technical users allowing them to conduct simple searches, use drag-and-drop capabilities, and utilize filters for different dashboard metrics.

It also offers rich visualization options like layouts, charting and formatting functionalities to help deliver real-time, accurate insights in a way that is understandable across the organization.

SuiteAnalytic’s dynamic live data interaction is what makes its dashboards powerful tools with instant previews upon setup, allowing key users to assess the value of a certain metric before committing it to the dashboard.

This high level of data visualization and summarization flexibility can multiply the speed at which businesses process and evaluate important organizational information. Moreover, after identifying certain metrics as integral, you can constantly monitor them and leverage them for on-the-spot decision making.

NetSuite SuiteAnalytics

Self-Serve Reporting

As an advanced reporting tool, SuiteAnalytics allows organizations to build and monitor key performance indicators to create actionable lists and maximize productivity. The more dynamic the KPIs, the better you can access actionable information and respond to real-time changes.

Get Expert SuiteAnalytics Support with NetSuite Implementation Partners

If you’re looking for a robust ERP solution that provides ‘analytics on the go,’ then NetSuite’s SuiteAnalytics offering is the platform for you!

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