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Integrating Mobile Technologies in Healthcare

Doctor accessing patients’ files online

In the healthcare sector, time is of the essence. But despite the growing demand for healthcare providers in the United States, doctors, nurses, and administrators routinely report feeling overwhelmed by manual work.

In particular, a lack of mobile technology integration in healthcare organizations increases repetitive tasks and takes away valuable time that otherwise could be spent providing patient care.

A study conducted by the international business conglomerate, Honeywell, revealed that 42 percent of healthcare workers felt their existing mobile solutions were not up to par with the organization’s needs.

As a leading netsuite solution provider, we’ve worked with clients from multiple industries, including healthcare. Our experience reveals that while healthcare providers have different needs when it comes to mobile healthcare technology—the end goal remains the same: enhanced supply chain management and better customer service (or in this case, patient care).

Let’s take a look at the key drivers behind embracing mobility in the healthcare sector:

1. Enhanced staff productivity

Having a mobile solution allows healthcare providers to access patient data on the go. They can thus read up on patient history quickly, instead of manually sifting through hard copies of patient records.

According to Zebra Technologies, an estimated 91 percent of nurses will use a mobile device to access electronic health records, lab results, and drug databases by 2022. This will decrease the time spent away from patients and will enhance the patient care experience.

Automation will decrease the chances of human error in manual data entry and maximize staff productivity through cloud-based mobility. For instance, by using a cloud-based materials management system, users will have real-time information about inventory levels across multiple stockrooms.

Doctor working remotely


2. Better clinician experience

Simplicity and ease of use are key considerations when choosing a mobile solution in healthcare. NetSuite is an easy-to-use and intuitive platform that is compatible with most modern smartphones and tablets. This reduces the time it takes to train staff on new technology.

Additionally, since the system is on the cloud, users can secure sensitive patient data, which is a hallmark of disaster management.

3. Improved communication

Communication is a pillar of effective patient care. Doctors, nurses, and specialists need to collaborate routinely to provide excellent care. Mobility enhances staff communication and quality of care.

According to Health Tech Magazine, 67 percent of surveyed nurses felt their smartphones and tablets facilitated better communication and collaboration.

NetSuite for Better Materials Management and Patient Care

NetSuite’s ERP cloud platform is one of the leading business management tools out there, with enhanced supply chain and customer service capabilities.

To find out if NetSuite is the right solution for you, consult with the NetSuite experts at Ravenstone Solutions. As a leading NetSuite implementation and consulting service provider, we can help your healthcare facility overcome supply chain problems and deliver high-quality patient care.

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