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Improve Customer Service with NetSuite CRM+ Module

NetSuite CRM

Customer Relationship Management is a powerful driving force for the sales team across industries, as they connect several departments, including Sales, Marketing, Customer Support, and Technical Services.

NetSuite’s CRM module works in the native ERP environment and stores detailed customer information along the entire customer lifecycle. Using information from various client interactions, the module allows sales teams to recognize customer needs and manage their expectations.

Let’s take a look at its key benefits as well as the primary module features that help it stand out.

NetSuite CRM Benefits

The ability to store, process, and generate meaningful insights from vast amounts of customer data has several key benefits for the company. These include:

  • Better sales performance: Providing real-time information about clients that allows the sales team to act on new leads and take up opportunities for sales.
  • Gauge a contact’s value: Using lead performance data, the system can generate how valuable a client is to the company in terms of sales and quotes.
  • Connect sales efforts: Different sales teams are able to coordinate efforts and insights effectively.
  • Minimize errors: Avoid manual errors by copying data on spreadsheets or another platform. NetSuite CRM is automated and fully integrated with the ERP, so all your information is in one location.
  • Flexible integrations: NetSuite is compatible with many NetSuite applications; if you’re using a marketing automation tool, you can easily connect it to the NetSuite platform.

NetSuite CRM

CRM Module Features

NetSuite’s CRM solution is a leading choice for firms because of its powerful and flexible interface. Some of its technical features that enhance sales efforts include:

  • Customer Management: The CRM module offers users a total understanding of all customer management, including maintaining customer records, tracking interactions, recording sales history, providing intelligent insights, and managing shipping information.
  • Sales Forecasting: Using a variety of indicators and real-time information, the system generates forecasts for sales and potential customers.
  • Incentive Pay: This feature allows for complete visibility of sales and calculates commission-based pay accurately.
  • Upsell/Cross-sell Feature: Allows sales teams to promote related products based on search intention.
  • Time Tracking: Calculates the time taken for specific projects and tasks to ensure teams stay within deadlines. The feature also ensures that approvals are taken care of within the system.
  • Campaign Management: Provides customer insights based on different metrics, such as response patterns and demographics that can be used to build more targeted marketing campaigns.
  • Reporting and Analytics: Generates custom reports in real-time to measure strategy success.


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