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How to Beat the Competition with NetSuite Wholesale Distribution

NetSuite Wholesale Distribution1

Wholesale distributors are in a competitive and fast-paced industry. They are focused on revenue growth and providing products to retailers and sellers at better prices and in larger quantities than their competition. In this constant race of improving product quality and delivering products timely and reliably, they are adopting NetSuite Wholesale Distribution solutions.  

Used by over 40,000 businesses globally, NetSuite for Wholesale Distributors

 is a fully featured ERP solution with financial, e-commerce, order management and CRM capabilities. It caters to the needs of all sizes of wholesale distribution businesses.  

NetSuite successfully addresses common business goals of wholesale distributors. These include: 

  • Strong supply chain management 
  • Sales expansion through omnichannel capabilities, such as app, web, portals, and more 
  • Gain complete inventory visibility 
  • Automate and optimize inventory process and order fulfillment with reduced costs and increased ROI 
  • Seamless communication with third-party logistics providers 
  • Unparalleled customer service to retain existing customers and build relationships with new ones 
  • Flexibility to scale the business without adding personnel resources or IT infrastructure  
  • Forecast demands based on seasonal expectations and historical information from sales channels—and set inventory to reorder points accordingly. 

Let’s further look into how NetSuite helps wholesale distributors get a leg up on the competition. 

Greater Warehouse Efficiency 

NetSuite Warehouse Management System (WMS) provides convenience to end-users and greater efficiency on the warehouse floor by improving barcode scanning and printing via the WMS mobile SuiteApp. This advanced mobile interface makes large inbound shipments a breeze. 

Improved Order Fulfilment 

NetSuite’s order management processes can help businesses save countless hours of work associated with fulfillment, organization and data entry.  

With NetSuite’s 2020 Release 1, fulfillment request records can now be auto-created when they reach the expected ship date. While working with supply allocations, distributors can update and optimize future expected ship dates. 

Moreover, NetSuite also offers bin management capabilities, supports multi-location inventory, integrates FedEx, UPS with tracking, and offers company-wide real-time visibility. 

Intelligent Insights 

NetSuite now offers wholesale distributors advanced Intelligent Predicted Risks functionality that compares orders to historical data, determining when delivery may be at risk. It even offers recommended actions that can help you avoid late deliveries. 

Moreover, businesses can create what-if simulations that can help them analyze the impact of projected risks on future transactions. For instance, if a manufacturer experiences delays from certain vendors, the company can consequently project its impact on the supply chain and make changes before delays occur. 

NetSuite Wholesale Distribution

Learn more about how wholesale distributors can efficiently analyze supply-demand imbalances and benefit from backorder management capabilities with NetSuite for Wholesale Distributors. 

As a NetSuite Implementation partner, our team can help you customize and tailor your NetSuite cloud solution to address your industry-specific challenges. 

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