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How Start-ups and Small Businesses Can Benefit From NetSuite Integration

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Small businesses and start-ups need agile business solutions that not only manage individual tasks and manual processes but also provide the ability to scale rapidly, preparing your company for long-term growth and innovation. SMBs are often held back by unreliable and disparate entry-level management software that cut into profitability and performance!

Enter: NetSuite for small businesses that offer an integrated cloud-based ERP solution.

Studies have shown that start-up companies are readily adopting cloud-based solutions for digital transformation in order to achieve better scalability, cost synergies, and improved agility.

With pre-built reports, real-time dashboards, and the ability to automate key business processes, NetSuite has what it takes to help companies scale their infrastructure and overcome bottlenecks while keeping both customers and investors happy with advanced analytics and insights.

How to Future-Proof Your Business with NetSuite

In the early funding rounds, the capital raised for start-ups is put towards the market and team management, and development of the product. The tight budget often leads start-ups to overlook investments in back-office technology, which are essential for a strong foundation for growth. They need a centralized platform that offers complete visibility into key processes, such as supply chain, distribution, financials, core HR functionalities, and billing and invoicing.

With NetSuite, you get a singular view of your entire company, allowing you to track and measure business performance at every step of the way.

  • By partnering up with NetSuite implementation partners, like Ravenstone Solutions, you get a swift implementation that gets you up and running quickly with minimal downtime.
  • NetSuite is designed with industry-leading practices from the ground up, ensuring success from Day 1.
  • Value-driven dashboards, KPIs, and business process flows are not only tailored to your industry, but NetSuite also allows you to customize them in accordance with your company policies.
  • With a cloud platform, start-ups and SMBs can eliminate hefty on-premise costs of IT infrastructure and dedicated IT, teams. NetSuite cloud solution is automatically updated to ensure your software is current with the latest offerings.
  • No matter what business type, geographical region, or industry you operate in, NetSuite offers the flexibility and scalability to keep your company agile.
  • With a unified cloud business management solution, you get an ERP, e-commerce, and CRM platform all rolled into one platform—even when you go global with the NetSuite OneWorld offering!NetSuite Integration

Solve Business Challenges With NetSuite Today!

With automated business finances, unified performance insights, and the ability to acquire and retain customers, NetSuite is an all-in-one solution that supports your goals and grows as fast as you.

So, what are you waiting for? Reach out to our NetSuite Implementation partners to streamline your operations. Our team can help you opt for a NetSuite offering that’s best suited for your requirements and goals, and work with you throughout the implementation, integration, and data migration lifecycle.

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