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How NetSuite’s Warehouse Management Solution (WMS) Offers a Competitive Advantage

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As e-commerce sales rise, dropshipping becomes the new norm and customer satisfaction becomes difficult to achieve in the wake of the global pandemic, businesses are in dire need of a robust solution for their day-to-day warehouse operations. Using spreadsheets to track inventory will no longer suffice because you need a platform that allows you to deliver faster and more accurately than ever. This is where NetSuite’s Warehouse Management System (WMS) comes in!

NetSuite WMS is built on top of the platform’s multi-location inventory module, adding warehouse-specific parameters to configure and optimize your inventory. It uses industry-leading practices like intelligent pick and pack processes, seamless integration with shipping systems, cycle counting, and handheld barcode scanning to run your warehouse efficiently.

What’s more, NetSuite WMS solution facilitates organizations to manage their distribution operation through advanced user-defined capabilities like cartonization, wave management, and real-time inventory updates.

In this blog post, we’ll look at how deploying a WMS can optimize key areas of business operations, giving growing businesses an opportunity to stand out in a sea of competitors.

Inbound Logistics

A WMS expedites the receiving process for when inventory arrives at the warehouse by using pre-defined and automated rules. This ensures that the inventory is quickly processed and users are guided accurately through receiving and put-away processes and recommended bin locations.

You can even use your mobile device to automatically assign serial numbers, lot numbers, and inventory status to items as they arrive. Moreover, outstanding orders are directly taken to packing location, minimizing handling costs and fulfillment time.

Outbound Logistics

With NetSuite WMS’s pick and pack strategies, users are guided through the order fulfillment process. They can opt for single or multiple picking types and set defined wave release logic to customize order processes.

Additionally, WMS makes managing inventory across several warehouse locations a breeze as it allows you to define shipping and fulfillment rules, and gives you 360-degree visibility of the inventory by location.

Simplify order orchestration and minimize shipping costs by ensuring orders shipped from a single location are assigned to the closest warehouse destination—an optimization that is nearly impossible to accomplish manually.

Warehouse Management Solution

Make The Move To Automated Warehouse Operations Today!

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