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How NetSuite User Roles Enhance Security

Roles Enhance Security 1

In-house data security and data management are critical considerations for modern firms. With large amounts of sensitive customer and business data on servers, you want to make sure that unauthorized personnel—both inside and outside the organization—can’t access it.

The idea of NetSuite user roles seems simple enough, but it’s a vital component of your organization’s data security measures that should not be taken for granted. You want to make sure there’s a proper flow of information within the organization, so the right people have access to the appropriate files.

In this blog post, we’ll go over all aspects of NetSuite roles and their benefits.

What are NetSuite roles?

By assigning roles in NetSuite, levels and permissions can be carefully controlled to ensure data security. Each role has permissions based on job requirements and employee responsibilities. Access configuration determines what the user can see and what tasks they can carry out in the ERP.

Company structure and job description largely determine access levels. For example, an accountant will be able to access financial records but not HR records. Additionally, an accountant in one country will have the same access and permissions as an accountant in another—the only difference being location data.

Roles can evolve as responsibilities and organization structure change. To account for the changes, you can simply reconfigure permissions.

Importance of NetSuite custom roles

Some standard roles in NetSuite are already predefined and follow some basic guidelines. However, you can also create custom roles to personalize access rules according to your organization’s needs.

Roles Enhance Security

NetSuite cloud solutions offer excellent in-house and external data security tools, such as local IP address access and two-factor authentication. However, to properly implement these, you’ll need to apply them correctly. One of the many benefits of a cloud-based ERP solution is that users can access real-time data on the go. This enhances productivity and gives your employees the flexibility to work anywhere and at any time.

However, they only need access to information relevant to their role. By defining user roles strategically, you can balance data security needs with information needs. This prevents internal information leaks and protects data from the inside.

Looking for NetSuite Implementation Experts

Defining and configuring custom roles can be challenging—partner with the NetSuite experts at Ravenstone Solutions to ensure a robust security system. We can help you customize and implement the NetSuite software that meets your specific needs.

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