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How NetSuite Offers Greater Visibility and Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

Most businesses and industries need to manage a modern supply chain across multiple continents and time zones; how do they do that efficiently using a single integrated application? 

Answer: NetSuite’s Supply Chain & Inventory Management Module 

NetSuite has leveraged cloud technology to offer excellence in supply chain management. This includes a complete set of manufacturing, inventory management and purchasing capabilities that help you move inventory at the right time, at the right place, at the right cost.  

By improving production processes using NetSuite’s supply chain management solution, businesses can ahead of competitive forces with more efficient shipping and delivery. In fact, studies have shown that 70% of industry professionals claim that supply chain management is a key driver of improved customer service. 

Let’s dive further into how NetSuite is able to better manage inventory levels and meet fulfillment expectations: 

NetSuite’s Supply Chain Control Tower

One of NetSuite’s biggest developments is the supply chain control tower functionality that allows planners to view every element of their supply chain in one place. This includes the visibility of inventory movement across all locations. 

Although the functionality is still under development, the Tower will encompass four main areas. 

  • Product data management, which uses advance bill of materials (BOM) features 
  • Planning area, which includes planners’ workbench and calculations across multiple subsidiaries 
  • Execution area, which includes quality management and traceability functionalities 
  • Support area, which offers capabilities to manage products’ end of life 

The supply chain tower also uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to predict supply chain problems and recommend solutions. 

Quality Management System 

Effective sampling is critical to lower inspection processing times, maintain quality standards, and reduce overall costs. NetSuite’s Quality Management application allows users to define inspection plans that dictate how a product needs to be tested along with its acceptable parameters. 

The application also includes role-specific dashboards for engineers, inspectors, and quality managers, along with an easy user interface for the front-line workers. 

The Quality Management System allows users to capture information in real-time, establish quality specifications and evaluate vendors against them. 

Moreover, the solution allows customers to track vendor quality, production quality, and contract manufacturing quality. 

Supply Chain Management2


NetSuite gives businesses access to some of the most differentiated tools in the marketplace, allowing them to improve control over production activities and optimize supply chains with enhanced quality management. 

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