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A medical specialist’s stethoscope and laptop to access NetSuite

How NetSuite Can Help Streamline the Medical Product Supply Chain

Owing to the complex and changing landscape of the healthcare industry, hospitals need to make quicker business decisions. Healthcare businesses deal with mounting pressure to respond to market changes, comply with patient requirements, and keep up with government regulations. NetSuite’s Healthcare Management Software enables hospitals and pharma businesses to streamline their supply chain systems.

Healthcare Supply Chain Management

Healthcare supply chain management refers to the procurement and distribution of medicinal products and medical services from the receiving dock to the patient. Healthcare SCM is complicated and faces major issues like product expiration, compliance with healthcare standards, regulatory requirements, hoarding of supplies, out-of-budget supply costs, and demand for specific products. In the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, healthcare and pharmaceutical companies worldwide are particularly struggling to deal with the rising demand for medicines and protective equipment.

The Need to Automate Healthcare SCM

Automating healthcare SCM aims to simplify and eliminate repetitive manual tasks that take up too much time. Automation also paves the way for data-based decision making, reduces supply and labor costs, and streamlines the inventory functions. Unlike routine ERP solutions, the healthcare industry needs automated systems that incorporate more in-depth industry knowledge and focus on specific departments.

Medicines and thermometer, depicting a pharmacy that follows NetSuite SCM programs.

Healthcare ERP should manage the hospital workflows and send/receive files from both the clinical and financial systems. The system should be user-friendly enough to be understood by all three stakeholders: managers, operators, and healthcare providers. Hospitals also prefer consolidated management tools that work at multiple site locations. It’s a plus if the system can generate real-time inventory reporting information, including patient care. The good news is that NetSuite checks all these boxes.

Netsuite For the Healthcare SCM

NetSuite’s Healthcare Management Software helps hospitals, clinics, and pharmaceutical businesses improve productivity, minimize operational complexity, and provide high-quality patient care. The software helps improve transparency through customized role-based dashboards. You can configure processes and workflows and make future adjustments as needed. NetSuite also supports internal controls and provides a complete set of audit trails. The program also provides a 360-degree view of your customers (patients) and partners (vendors) and their transactions.

You’re one step away from modernizing and streamlining your hospital’s SCM. All you need to do is get in touch with a NetSuite Implementation provider like Ravenstone Solutions. Our NetSuite implementation services also include NetSuite integration, customization, training, and support. Drop us a call at 1(800) 459-7128 today for more information on their NetSuite Services.


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