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How Does NetSuite’s Google Maps Integration Help Users?

Google Maps Integration 1

Google Maps is a powerful navigation tool that has made it so much easier and faster to get around. It allows us access to see real-time traffic conditions, view satellite imagery, and get 360-degree Street Views. Additionally, you can also design your commute plan by choosing different vehicles and routes.

Integrating Google Maps into your overall business practice allows your organization to make use of machine intelligence to strengthen your business. As the leading ERP system for fast-paced organizations, NetSuite routinely partners with third-party platforms and applications to improve its functionality and ease of use.

But before we jump into the benefits of using Google Maps with NetSuite, let’s take a quick look at how Google Maps can help your business.

How Can Google Maps Help Your Business?

Using Google Maps with your existing business model can enhance productivity, increase efficiency, and give you better control over certain processes. Here’s how:

  1. Locate stakeholders: Customers, vendors, suppliers, and every stakeholder with an address can be located using Google Maps. Using real-time information supplied by the navigation system, you can input this data automatically into your NetSuite system.
  2. Track shipments: Using the live location feature, you can track where your shipments are and how long they will take to deliver.
  3. Optimize delivery: Real-time traffic and weather conditions can help you optimize delivery routes depending on the scenario. This way, you can prevent unnecessary delays and reach your clients faster.
  4. Store locator feature: You can showcase your business on your website using Google Maps, so customers don’t have to open a separate map to view your location. Additionally, if you have multiple stores, the store finder feature can help direct customers to your nearest location.

Google Maps Integration

Benefits of Integrating Google Maps with NetSuite

Since NetSuite operates entirely in the cloud, users also have access to real-time data and changes. By combining the navigation powers of Google Maps with the business information stored by NetSuite, users can create unique maps with data that’s relevant to your project or organization’s needs.

For example, these maps can help you view and understand where you get business from and which new areas to target. This can help direct your future marketing and business development strategies.

The possibilities are limitless.

To ensure your organization is making use of its full potential, get a NetSuite implementation, and consulting partner today. At Ravenstone, we excel at offering NetSuite professional services to clients in multiple industries.

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