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Inventory of a company that uses NetSuite for inventory management purposes

Fishbowl Inventory vs. NetSuite: Who’s The 2020 Winner?

Inventory management is one of the most challenging issues for all sorts of businesses. It allows you to make better decisions, control operations’ costs, and close sales in confidence. This is why companies need to invest in smart inventory management solutions like Fishbowl Inventory and NetSuite.

Here’s how they compare.

Capabilities overview

Both Fishbowl and NetSuite offer inventory management benefits. Both of them allow users to stay in charge of their inventory with timely cycle counting, stock alerts, and stock categorization. Both offer inventory traceability too. Users can tell where their inventory is all the time.

As far as supply chain functions are concerned, both Fishbowl and NetSuite help users manage their orders, purchases, and shipping. From order placement to delivery, both systems cater to all the intermediate functions efficiently.

Other standard functions include multi-location access, synchronization with multiple e-commerce platforms, landed cost calculation, and full-time automation. Both of the platforms are feasible for small, medium, and large-scale businesses. They’re compatible with Windows, Android, iPhones, and Web-based applications.

Inventory of a company that uses NetSuite for inventory management purposes.

Why NetSuite is a better option

Fishbowl can be easily integrated with QuickBooks, Amazon, and eBay. On the other hand, NetSuite can be combined with Salesforce, Google Apps, NetSuite CRM, NetSuite E-commerce, and Netsuite Professional Service Automation.

NetSuite facilitates international transactions better than Fishbowl because it supports a variety of languages. Fishbowl only helps English text, whereas NetSuite is easily compatible with Chinese, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Dutch, Turkish, Portuguese, and Swedish.

Fishbowl’s pricing system is based on a flat rate. The rate depends on the number of licenses you require. On the other hand, NetSuite vendors provide customized quotes according to your unique requirements.

NetSuite also offers a bunch of additional modules and features that Fishbowl doesn’t. These include a sales forecast, in-transit inventory tracking, multi-location supply planning, vendor management, workflow approval, and multi-location warehouse tracking. NetSuite ERP also offers constraint management, real-time integration with other systems, bin-tracking, serial traceability, vendor performance tracking, and analysis between planned and actual orders. It provides greater inventory visibility. None of these features are familiar to Fishbowl.

NetSuite is a clear winner.

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