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Everything You Need To Know About NetSuite PSA

As the name suggests, Professional Services Automation (PSA) is software designed for companies in the services industry to address daily business processes and streamline resource and project management. PSA software is standard in organizations with billable staff concerning rate management, and time and expenses. A right PSA solution allows businesses to create metrics and quantify core business processes to streamline workflows and operational improvement.

In this piece, we will discuss everything you need to know about NetSuite’s PSA solutions. Let’s dive in.

NetSuite PSA

NetSuite is the only vendor in the PSA market that offers multiple PSA software options and a great mix and match set of solutions. This is particularly appealing because the current market for PSA solutions is extremely diverse over numerous parameters. NetSuite PSA enables service companies to scale along with their growth by providing Best-of-Breed, Integrated, or a combination.

Understanding Your NetSuite PSA Options

When it comes to implementing a NetSuite PSA for your business, you have the following options:

NetSuite OpenAir PSA

This is a fantastic Best-of-Breed PSA solution that provides excellent enterprise-grade functionality with ready-to-use out-of-the-box connections to Back Office systems and CRM. NetSuite OpenAir PSA is specifically designed for businesses in the services industry that require PSA to integrate with existing company systems.

Employees using PSA software on a computer.

NetSuite SRP

NetSuite Services Resource Planning (SRP) is a fantastic integrated PSA software solution with complete Financials and CRM on a single platform. It is specifically designed for businesses in the services industry looking for a user-friendly ERP system that comes with extended PSA capabilities.

OpenAir + NetSuite ERP

The combination of OpenAir and NetSuite ERP is a great, fully integrated best-of-breed PSA software solution designed on NetSuite’s ERP platform that delivers hybrid enterprise-grade functionality for ERP and PSA purposes. As one may imagine, such software is specifically designed for businesses looking for both types of solutions.

In the world of PSA software solutions, NetSuite is the leading platform. To make the most of NetSuite’s vast capabilities, choose a reliable NetSuite implementation partner to help you through the process. At Ravenstone Solutions, we offer a complete range of NetSuite services, including optimization, licensing, integration, training, support, and migration.

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