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Automate Your Finance with NetSuite Accounting

NetSuite Accounting

NetSuite is a global leader in cloud-based ERP solutions. It provides advanced CRM and ERP capabilities that integrate with Sales, Finance, Inventory Control, HCM, Supply Chain, and a vast array of other processes.

NetSuite Financials and Accounting software facilitates global finance leaders to design, automate, and streamline their business operations. It couples core accounting functions with world-class standards of strong compliance management to increase financial close efficiency and reduce back-office costs.

Moreover, NetSuite’s accounting functionalities give key business players access to live financial data with drill-down capabilities, allowing them to quickly resolve delays with the information at hand.

The software allows users to generate statements that comply with multiple regulatory financial compliance requirements like ASC 606, SOX, GAAP, and others.

In this blog post, we’ll focus on the advantages an organization expects to gain by deploying NetSuite solutions across their organization.

Multi-Book Accounting Capabilities

NetSuite’s General Ledger is a dynamic asset that enables enterprises to tailor their General Ledger to meet industry-specific requirements and changing conditions. It gives users complete visibility, flexibility, access to enhanced audit trails, custom reporting functionalities, and support for multinational financial and accounting management.

  • Eliminate the hassle of manual journal entries by adding custom GL impact lines to transactions like vendor bills and invoices across single/multiple accounting books. NetSuite drastically reduces the time and effort required for period close, account reconciliation, and audit processes.
  • NetSuite allows your finance teams to define customer General Ledger segments like a profit center and product line, in addition to the standard department, subsidiary, class, and location segments.
    NetSuite General Ledger follows double-entry accounting principles ensuring balances are maintained across all segment combinations.

Global Tax Compliance

With NetSuite’s configurable tax engine, you have access to end-to-end domestic as well as global tax management through an integrated, easy-to-use system. It allows you to generate custom reports and analyze transactions, all the way down to line item tax details, all in real-time.

NetSuite tax management solution supports global currencies and exchange rates, allowing you to seamlessly process taxes in compliance with country-specific laws.

  • Provides tax calculations for over 50 countries and several currencies
  • Offers cross border sales reporting with online capabilities
  • Automatically applies the right rate to transactions every time
  • Provides access to SuiteApps marketplace where you have the opportunity to integrate third-party industry-specific solutions

NetSuite Accounting


NetSuite offers full visibility into your financials with prebuilt, account-intelligent capabilities. It helps service-based and product-based companies become more agile and flexible with cloud computing.

Because ERP solutions like NetSuite are so powerful, their implementation requires a lot of operational analysis—and that’s where NetSuite Implementation Partners, Ravenstone Solutions comes in.

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