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A Unified Cloud Core HR Offering: NetSuite’s SuitePeople

NetSuite’s SuitePeople

With businesses traditionally managing core HR processes in disparate systems, separate modules, and spreadsheets, NetSuite brings forth a state-of-the-art HR offering that’s built on its uniform cloud platform, SuitePeople.

With a centralized solution to maintain global employee records and real-time people analytics, HR managers no longer have to waste time reconciling information from separate systems to answer simple employee queries and create reports for auditors and decision-makers.

Centralized Global Human Resource Management

SuitePeople offers powerful functionalities for businesses to manage mission-critical processes across the ERP, along with workforce management, Professional Services Automation (PSA), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and the ability to maintain an omnichannel e-commerce experience. By integrating complex functionalities into a single platform, it eliminates repetitive manual processes and helps HR leaders drive actionable insight across the organization using a single suite.

Workforce Management

SuitePeople offers advanced workforce management capabilities to increase the efficiency of simple HR processes like onboarding, offboarding or requesting time off, thereby streamlining operations for the HR staff.

Onboarding and Offboarding

With SuitePeople, you can create detailed and unique templates and checklists for the onboarding and offboarding processes to give them structure. These can help HR managers mitigate the risks of turnover and subsequently make sure all the property is recovered from the employee before the termination date.

Time-Off Management

The best part about SuitePeople is that you can design customized time-off plans that match your business policies, including entitlement, eligibility, carryover, and accrual frequency. By automating time-off accruals, HR managers can proactively approve vacation time and create reports for the administration team that offers complete visibility into vacation balances.

Unified Cloud Core HR Offering

Create a Solid Foundation for Employee Management with SuiteSuccess

Apart from providing the ability to streamline all employee information, promotions, payrolls, and compensation changes in a single suite, NetSuite offers its SuiteSuccess solution to manage the workforce with a holistic approach. SuiteSuccess is powered by leading practices, KPIs, and productized domain knowledge.

Moreover, with all the HR data centralized, finance leaders can gain visibility into how workforce performance can impact the financial performance of the business across different branches and regions. When the stakeholders have a clear picture of the direct relationship between the two, along with hiring and termination trends displayed on a personalized dashboard, they can better manage employee experiences and keep the company morale high.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a unified solution that connects HR data with procurement, financial, payroll planning, promotions, and budgeting processes, opt for NetSuite as your ERP!

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