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4 Reasons Why NetSuite OneWorld Is Best for Multinational Operations

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In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, multinational companies have to be flexible and responsive to market changes compared to smaller firms. An expansive structure can be a roadblock to flexibility—and that’s where NetSuite OneWorld comes in.

As a leading ERP solution, NetSuite OneWorld offers speed, automation, and powerful processing capabilities—all features that businesses require to execute operations on a global scale.

Here are the top four reasons why NetSuite OneWorld is the perfect match for modern multinational organizations.

Manage Multiple Business Units

NetSuite OneWorld uses detailed financial and operational dashboards to give a clear picture of the business at each level. Performance can be gauged based on local, regional, and headquarter levels in both summary and detailed listings.

Managing various subsidiaries, business units, or legal entities becomes much easier with real-time reports that outline how each unit is performing.

Complete ERP in the Cloud

NetSuite ERP is an entirely cloud-based solution, which means that businesses can avoid expensive on-premise IT infrastructure. With no hardware on-site, companies can also cut down on IT costs, as fewer resources are needed to maintain and support IT functions. This allows the firm to redirect resources to its core operations.

With all operations and data in the cloud, companies no longer have to worry about keeping physical copies or backups of documents. As a result, operations become more efficient across the board.

Consolidate and Track Financials

NetSuite OneWorld allows users to consolidate data in multiple currencies, automatically and based on accurate conversion rates. Revenue and expense reports can be generated in local and functional currencies.

The closing process is quick and seamless, as all transactions take place in the cloud and are automatically recorded in corresponding accounts. As a result, all accounts, including accounts receivable/payable, inventory, invoicing, and order fulfillment, are rolled up in real-time.

Carry Out Business Anywhere

NetSuite OneWorld offers web-based access to users, giving them the opportunity to work remotely. Depending on access authorizations, employees can access data anywhere and at any time.

NetSuite also offers support for all major mobile devices, so users can work while at home, traveling, or even at the client’s office.

NetSuite OneWorld

Manage Global Operations With NetSuite Consulting Partners

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