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4 Costly Cloud Computing Mistakes That Many Businesses Make


Cloud computing is the way forward for competitive business performance. Having integrated systems that allow for easier collaboration and automated resource management is transformative for productivity.

However, most business owners and CEOs aren’t experts at cloud computing, so transition plans end up overlooking some factors that can cost your firm a lot later on. Remember, improper implementation and integration can be debilitating for your daily operations. So, make sure you don’t end up making these cloud computing mistakes!

Forgetting to Upgrade Internet Services

Cloud-hosted applications function online, which means that your employees will need access to high-speed network services to work at their usual pace. Many businesses tend to forget that they need to upgrade their connectivity during their move to the new apps.

This can cause your cloud software to function slowly, show errors, and disrupt the usual levels of productivity in your firm.

Estimating Costs Inaccurately

Some people can make the mistake of underestimating the cost of cloud software and their implementation. Every add-on and the additional module will cost you more — but it’s worth it.

If you’re setting your budget based on the lowest prices out there, you’ll end up with low-quality software that barely does the job. For considerable ROI and streamlined processes, you should be prepared to pay for higher-quality software.


Not Researching OS Compatibility

In some cases, your company-provided operating systems can conflict with the cloud computing provider you’ve chosen. Most businesses tend not to research cloud compatibilities until it’s too late in the game.

This means that whatever cloud computing solution you’ve purchased is now useless for you. Although compatibility is far less of an issue, you should still be super careful about compatibility. NetSuite’s software for distribution, project management, and startup/business operations is a reliable choice if you’re worried about browser and OS compatibility.

Disregarding Implementation and Consulting Services

Setting up a new cloud computing system is tough, especially when you require system integration services across the board for your business. Lots of mistakes are often made during implementation, which is why you should try and enlist an implementation partner to help you out.

Our team at Ravenstone Solutions works hard to ensure seamless NetSuite implementation and integration. As a NetSuite implementation partner, we collaborate with businesses and non-profits to learn about their organizational structure so we can help set up customized NetSuite solutions for cloud computing. Get in touch with us to start your transition to the cloud today!

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