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4 Best Practices for Successful ERP Implementation

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No matter what industry you’re in or what the size of your firm, ERP implementation is a critical project that needs to be carefully planned out and executed. There are several considerations, including cost, resources, and management, that require time and commitment at each stage.

To ensure ERP implementation is a smooth process, take note of these best practices that industry leaders across the world stand by:

1. Select the Right ERP Implementation for your Business

ERP implementation varies widely in terms of customization and cost. You can choose to build a custom ERP from scratch for your firm, but the project’s complexity is likely to generate a high cost.

If you choose to go with an established ERP solution, you’ll have to decide between getting an on-premise ERP and a cloud-ERP. Some ERP providers, such as Sage, offer both while others like NetSuite, are entirely cloud-based.

Cloud solutions are usually faster and are managed entirely off-site, allowing your firm to cut costs on IT personnel and on-premise hardware.

2. Build Consensus Around ERP Implementation

Before the project team finalizes an ERP solution, it’s essential to get executive buy-in and build consensus around the implementation. The project team must educate leadership about the different options and then make an informed decision about which ERP to choose.

3. Set Realistic Targets

Implementing an ERP system takes time because several complex back-end and front-office systems need to be integrated into the software. To create a seamless experience for end-users, training and ongoing support must also be deployed at each level.

To ensure effective results, it’s best to work with an ERP expert who can work with the project team and guide you through the process.

ERP Implementation

 4. Focus on Staff Resources

Identify a dedicated project leader for the ERP implementation process to establish accountability and ensure success. The project team should be diverse, with personnel from IT, manufacturing, sales, and finance.

Establish strong communication channels and facilitate team efforts for cohesion and collaboration.

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