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3 NetSuite ERP Software Modules That Can Scale Your Manufacturing Business

NetSuite ERP

As one of the fastest-growing industries, the manufacturing industry requires a robust ERP solution that streamlines their in-house production control and inventory management.

Enter: NetSuite—a leading ERP solution with specialized tools for manufacturing businesses.

NetSuite is a complete and all-encompassing solution for manufacturing resource planning, warehouse management, integrated inventory, dynamic replenishment, financial accounting, and more.

In this blog post, we’ll talk about how NetSuite’s manufacturing modules are ready to take on expansion and long-term growth while helping manufacturers automate key tasks, improve visibility, and accelerate quote-to-cash cycles.

1.     Planning and scheduling

With scheduling being one of the most complex operations in a manufacturing process, NetSuite’s production scheduling solution offers a number of features that help create realistic schedules with minimum effort.

It offers a real-time scheduling engine that can be configured to automatically schedule work orders based on a defined trigger.

Here are some of its other offerings:

  • Allows you to enable light to dark sequencing with flexible scheduling codes
  • User-defined constraints allow for finite and infinite scheduling capacities
  • Allows you to leverage multiple graph representations of your schedule
  • Offers a comprehensive workbench functionality that allows you to set up detailed work instructions and labor requirements

2.     Order Management

NetSuite’s order management module fulfills today’s commerce demands of transparent, efficient, and automated order fulfillment.

It enables manufacturers to improve order management by automating the transition of logistics and account receivables, deliver seamless omnichannel experience, and fulfill orders based on global business rules and inventory availability.

This module supports:

  • Multi-step packing, picking, and shipping
  • Store fulfillment for omnichannel orders
  • End-to-end automation of drop-ship fulfillment
  • Set definite rules for returns and exchanges
  • Integrate carriers like UPS and FedEx
  • A 360-degree view of customer behavior and trends

3.     Supply Chain Management

The supply chain management module not only synchronizes suppliers and purchasing departments, but it also simplifies distribution resource planning, allowing you to seamlessly control and monitor your manufacturing processes.

The module offers a host of features like:

  • Improving overall resource planning with automatic generation of purchase and work order. It offers the added functionality of order transfers across multiple locations.
  • Offers a real-time and global view of the supply chain data, key spend, and the inventory status
  • It offers demand planning forecasts based on average trends, historical data, and seasonal fluctuations.
  • Creates restocking alerts by maintaining stock levels automatically.

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